Thursday, March 14, 2013

5 Things #1

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The other day I was browsing Tumblr and found this cool 5 Things Meme. I tweaked it out a bit for it to fit my blog better. So without further ado, here's the first one: //
El otro día estaba en Tumblr y encontré este meme de '5 Cosas'. Lo cambié un poco para que fuera más con mi blog - aquí está el primero:

5 Things That Make Me Happy

1. Charlie Brown - Coldplay

I don't know why, but every time I listen to this song it makes me happy. The start of it just makes me think of a happy place, even thought I still don't know what exactly it reminds me of. //
No sé porque, pero cada vez que escucho esta canción me pongo feliz. El principio me hace pensar en un lugar feliz, aunque todavía no sepa a qué me recuerda exactamente.

2.  Reading old stories I wrote with friends.

I've always had friends that love to write as much as I do, and it inevitably ends up with us making up various scenarios with some poorly concealed characters that are basically us, just with other names. //
Siempre he tenido amigas que les encanta escribir tanto como a mi, y eso inevitablemente termina en que escribimos varios escenarios con unos personajes que son básicamente nosotras y solo les cambiamos los nombres.

3. Spending time with my nephew.

He's such a cute little kid! Between the fact that I'm generally really busy with university and that my sister lives kind of far away, I don't really see them that much. He's what I consider my first actual nephew - I grew up in the same house as the other one, so we act more like brother and sister. //
Es un niño tan tierno! Entre que generalmente estoy muy ocupada con la universidad y que mi hermana vive un poco lejos, no los veo mucho. A él lo considero mi sobrino real - con mi otro sobrino nos criamos en la misma casa, así que actuamos más como hermano y hermana que tía y sobrino.

4. Passing university courses.
 I don't think you truly appreciate when you're in school how easy is to pass classes. When you reach uni there's always a class each semester that you're hanging by a thread until the very end. You can tell it's the end of the semester in my house because I scream like a madwoman every time I get the email that says I passed. //
Cuando uno está en el colegio no sabe apreciar lo fácil que es pasar las clases. Cuando llegas a la universidad, siempre hay una clase cada semestre en la que estás pendiendo de un hilo hasta el final. Uno se puede dar cuenta de que es final de semestre en mi casa porque grito como loca cada vez que me llega el email que dice que pasé.

5. Getting new books.

I've been an avid reader ever since I was eight, and even thought Spanish is my mother tongue, I prefer to read in English. Needless to say, living in Chile makes it hard for me to find books that I actually want to read and that don't cost a fortune. Luckily, I found that Amazon doesn't overcharge in shipping (for books at least) so I went a little crazy and bought lots of books the first few months. Now I only buy one every month or so, so I get happy whenever the mailman comes with my new purchase! //
Me ha encantado leer desde que tenía ocho años, y aunque mi primer idioma es el Español, prefiero leer en Inglés. Ahora, vivir en Chile hace que sea mucho más complicado encontrar libros que de verdad quiero leer y que no cuesten un ojo de la cara! Por suerte, encontré que Amazon no cobra tanto por el envio (por lo menos por los libros) y me volví un poco loca y compré muchos en los primeros meses. Ahora ya me calmé más y compro uno al mes - me encanta esperar a que llegue el señor del correo con mi nueva compra!

What are the five things that make you happy?
Cuáles son las cinco cosas que te hacen feliz?

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  1. I can totally relate on the acting like a crazy woman in re to passing university courses! What are you currently studying?

    Also, not sure if you're already had a look, but I love for buying books as they are cheap and free shipping worldwide!

    Would love to see a post on your favourite/recommended books to read; I'm always on the lookout for something new! :)

    P.S Your English is impeccable, wish I could say the same about my Spanish!

    1. I'm currently studying Business :)
      I actually bought a book from there, and it never arrived! :( They did return the money, though.
      Sure, I'll do a favorite books post :) I'll start writing it right now!
      Awww, thank you! I take pride in my English :P Although I'm sure that your Spanish is great!

    2. Oh cool! Smart choice! Wish I'd actually done a worthwhile degree, haha.

      Ahhh, oh no! I've never had any problems with that site, I'm so sorry you had a bad experience!

      Yay, looking forward to your favourite books post!

      As you should, your English is amazing! Haha, noooo, I studied it for a while, but I haven't spoken it in so long...I can understand a lot of it when I read it, but I would have trouble if someone was talking to me at a normal pace. I read both your English and Spanish in your posts as practice :)

    3. What did you study?
      Languages are much harder when you try to have a conversation! My English is so rusty in that sense...but the good thing is that it's just practice :) I'm glad my posts are helping you! :)

  2. I LOVE Charlie Brown by Coldplay too! It makes me sooooo happy :')